The Top 50 Best Gym Motivation Videos on the Web

The Top 50 Best Gym Motivation Videos on the Web

You can forget about looking anywhere else for gym motivation;

Motivational videos are some of the highest viewed and produced videos on YouTube, excluding music videos and some other oddly disturbing things among the mix.

And the majority of those motivational videos are targeted towards working out, bodybuilding, training and just generally becoming superhuman!

The problem is that there are so many videos being published every month that it can be hard to wade through all the junk and find the best fitness videos that really motivate you to workout.

Do you really want to sit there for 2 hours watching complete garbage before you actually get a sense of motivation?

Which is why I’ve spent the past week or so trawling through YouTube and enduring all this pain for you, to find the best of the best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re:

  • A Bodybuilder
  • A Female or Male
  • An Athlete
  • Into Calisthenics

This selection covers it all.


Top 50 Best Gym Motivation Videos

Here are the top 50 gym motivation videos on the web, including some amazing speeches from people like Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Greg Plitt, and many more.

We thought 50 might have still been too many, but they cover a wide range of perspectives to suit everybody, and look at it this way…

This can now be your go-to source for gym motivation. There’s no need to look anywhere else!


1. Power Reel – Fitness Motivation Video

2. Workout Motivation – Never Give up!

3. Be Amazing – Bodybuilding Motivation

4. Powerful Beyond Measure – Workout Motivation

5. 6 Year Workout Transformation – Brendan Meyers

6. The Zach Zeiler Transformation

7. Never Give Up – Motivation Video

8. Rise and Shine – Athlete Motivation

9. I Made It – Bodybuilding Motivation

10. What Are You Made of – Bodybuilding Motivation

11. Let Your Pain Be Your Fuel

12. Be Phenomenal – Motivational Video

13. Never Quit – Motivational Video

14. Fight Through It – Motivational Video

15. Simeon Panda – Ambition Over Everything

16. Dear Hard Work

17. Become Stronger – Motivation

18. Epic Gym Motivation Video

19. It’s Not Just Training – Bodybuilding Motivation

20. It’s a Lifestyle – Bodybuilding Motivation

21. The Man Who Never Gave Up

22. Phil Heath – Motivation

23. Plan My Attack – Bodybuilding Motivation

24. Don’t Be Afraid of Weights – Female Fitness Motivation

25. Success is a Journey – Female Fitness Motivation

26. Frank Medrano – Superhuman Bodyweight Workout

27. 16 Year Old Body Transformation

28. Greg Plitt Motivational Speech

29. Rich Piana – Love it, Kill it!

30. This Is Why I Grind

31. Refuse to Be Outworked

32. Incredible Body Transformation – Bar Brothers

33. Higher Power Workout Motivation – Bar Brothers

34. Are You Hungry? – Motivational Workout Speech

35. Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video


36. Sonny the 70 Year Old Bodybuilder

37. Chase Your Dreams – Calisthenics Workout Motivation

38. Strength – Bodybuilding Motivation

39. Live With No Regrets – Fitness Motivation

40. Amazing Street Workout Motivation

41. Rise & Shine – Ultimate Motivational Clip

42. I Will Not Quit – Motivation

43. One More Step Forward – Bodybuilding Motivation

44. 60 Inspirational Female Body Transformations

45. Military Muscle – I’m A F****** Animal

46. Build Your Own Dreams – Kai Greene

47. Desire – Motivational Video

48. Live Your Dream & Master Life

49. You’re The One – Female Fitness Motivation

50. Sacrifice – Motivational Video


The Top 50 Best Gym Motivation Videos on the Web

Thanks for checking out this ultimate list of gym motivation videos guys. I hope you enjoyed the compilation, and apologies if the page took a little while to load. It struggles to handle the pure awesomeness of the videos.

Gym Motivation Videos
Gym Motivation Videos

These gym motivation videos were created by some of the best  in the business. Here’s a list of some of the producers who’s videos were featured, and a link back to their website in case you want to check out more of their work:

  • Motivation Grid
  • Mind Pump Motivation
  • Bar Brothers
  • Mr Real
  • Pro Fitness Models
  • Jericho DMZ
  • Ping Pong Studio

The Top 50 Best Gym Motivation Videos on the Web

Check these guys out – they’re releasing new videos every month so subscribe to them to get your latest motivation fix!

All in all these guys are probably responsible for at least 25% of the top 50 gym videos listed here, so they’re worth following.

Thanks again guys and don’t forget to share this page with all the other gym enthusiasts out there. Head on over to YouTube to add them to your playlist, but don’t forget to keep coming back to here for your gym motivation!

Which were your favorite videos? Was there a good enough mix for females/bodybuilders/calisthenics etc? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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